Mobile Country Code MCC MCC for France is 208, United Kingdom is 234, Finland is 244, Indonesia is 510 etc.
Mobile Network Code MNC MNC for T-Mobile Germany is 01, A1 Austria is 01, Telstra Australia is 01, Indosat Indonesia is 01 etc.
Location Area Code LAC Wikipedia says, a Location Area Code is a set of BTS that are grouped together to optimise signalling.
Cell Tower Identity CID Wikipedia says, a CID is unique number of a sector in BTS within a LAC in cellular network.
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DecMCC: 00000000 MNC: 00000000 LAC: 00000000 CID: 00000000
Hex MCC: 00000000 MNC: 00000000 LAC: 00000000 CID: 00000000
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Range= m
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